Monday, July 28, 2014

Ladies...we need to talk...Seriously...

Ladies, I love you all, but we seriously need to talk about your body image issues.  Nothing about what I have seen these past few months of working with various women is ok by any stretch; the good news is that YOU have the power to change it!  Don’t worry; we’re here to help you!

So, here’s the observation that I’ve made, Ladies…you each tear yourselves down to a level that is just upsetting to see.  You compare yourselves to others that look nothing like you and just make yourselves feel bad.  Why?  Why can’t we celebrate our own unique beauty with other women?  Why is this always a competition?  Why are we the the ones that create these unrealistic expectations for ourselves?  Why is it that as a whole, we tend to think that if we say another woman is beautiful it somehow takes away from us and our beauty?  Let me just be clear…IT DOESN”T, IT ENHANCES IT.  Do you know how beautiful and sexy confidence is?  Don’t you know that by lifting another woman up and making her feel beautiful, it brings out your inner beauty?  We should be celebrating each other, not trashing each other. 

We here at Sinister Rouge want to take pictures that enhance every woman’s beauty, bring it to the surface and let her personality shine.  We want to create an atmosphere where women are comfortable, at ease, and at their best, not trying to upstage or bully each other.  I have zero tolerance for that, please let that be known now. 

So, tall skinny girls, know that the shorter curvy girls envy your frame, shorter curvy girls, know that the tall skinny girls long for your curves.  Girls with long, curly hair admire the straight short haired styles and vice versa.  Instead of bashing someone that has what we want, maybe it’s time to start appreciating what we do have to work with and enhance that.  If your nose is a little bigger than you’d like, but you have fabulous blue eyes, make those eyes dramatic and be confident and I promise you that you’ll be the only one thinking about it.  A little curvier than the average gal, find a fit that flatters you that makes you feel good and hold your head high, you’ll be the envy of every skinny girl in the neighborhood.  Just be kind to yourselves and one another.  It’s easier than you think.  For me, it's so much fun to dress up and enhance different body types, it's like having beautiful living dolls in all shapes and sizes.  There's always going to be someone you think is prettier than you, but is that really that girl's issue or is it yours?  Focus on yourself and bringing out the best in you, because bitch just doesn't look good on anyone.

I’m not perfect by any stretch; my body is changing dramatically almost weekly due to weight loss.  The weight doesn’t come off evenly, my chest may shrink before my stomach, my hips may be losing inches before my waist, I’m not always proportioned the way I’m used to my body being.  But you know what, I’m 35 years old, my body has been through hell and quite frankly, I’m so happy that it works, I don’t care if it’s pretty enough for you.  Although I’m ok with who I am and don’t care if someone doesn’t like it, I’m not exactly comfortable getting my picture taken or putting myself out there simply because I’m not someone that likes to look at pictures of themselves.  But, fear of being a hypocrite and not having a plus size woman represented yet at Sinister Rouge was far scarier than having my picture taken by a friend and colleague. 

Yes, being friends with our photographer, Tom Storm, had to have had an effect on my comfort level, but, after seeing him work with multiple girls, knowing him before hand has nothing to do with it. 

Tom has a very special Super Power…he puts everyone he is around at ease and then is able to capture that perfectly at ease moment on camera, bringing out each women’s personality and inner beauty.  I’m not quite sure how Tom sees this at first glance when he meets someone, but it truly is a talent.  Watching him work is absolutely magical, there’s no other word for it.  He creates the perfect fantasy and shows you exactly what you want to see, not necessarily what others would see there.  Maybe if more women could see themselves through Tom Storm’s eyes the world would be a better place with less bitchiness towards each other…Let’s try to find out…I'll put myself out there first for ya, it's not as scary as you think it is...

Selena without Make Up

Selena after make up getting ready for photo shoot

Made 3 other women feel beautiful today...Mission Accomplished!!!

With Love,
~Selena of 13th Moon

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

         Hello and welcome to Sinister Rouge Pin Up & More!   

The idea is pretty simple, to create an online place to showcase passionate people and what they do, to bring information to our readers in our areas of expertise so that they can get to know us and what we do.  Of course, pictures of pretty ladies in between never hurt anyone! 

I have had a passion for pin up since that day in grade school when I stumbled across Marilyn Monroe.  Those soft lines, the ease of which she posed, the idea of catching a beauty in mid-laugh, or what looks like being totally at ease in an extremely difficult pose, the fantasy and beautiful illusion it creates, I was in love. 

I’m a fangirl all the way, I am passionate about what I love and it shows in what I create.  My products and their names are inspired by pin up, music, TV shows, movies, and books…I love seeing that spark in someone’s eye when they recognize the references. 

Our packaging has been created with a pin up image in mind from the start.  When it became time for me to start promoting our products with a photo shoot, there was no question it was going to be pin up themed. 

The second we began shooting, I felt at home, I was in love with the process and being a part of creating those images.  The pride I took in staging every last detail, then seeing the results was so gratifying; I have become addicted to creating the pin up images I always wanted to see. 

This concept started as a way to showcase those images, give me a reason to continue shooting and showcase artisans and crafters that are as passionate about what they do as I am.  I also wanted a place where multiple genres could cross over and get exposure from like minded people that you may not have reached any other way. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through this process, it’s that even if we may not have much in common, we can all recognize and respect that fiery passion in another artist and creator, whether it’s our style or not.  I want us all to be able to come together here to showcase that passion and support each other the way only other creative, passionate people can…and share that with the world.

The only rule for participating: Opposing thoughts and discussions are always welcome, but spewing negativity and trolling will not be tolerated.  We're here to support and be constructive in our criticism, not bash others for what they do. 
Thank you for stopping by!
Check back daily for new blog posts!

~ Selena of 13th Moon