Monday, August 31, 2015

Krystal Lake's Top Ten Summertime Horror Films

When Summer comes around I start to get this itch; an itch for blood, gore, and camp counselors! Yeah, I know, I should probably get that checked out. Some people watch Frankie and Annette movies when warmer weather hits and some watch Wes Craven’s Summer of Fear. I mean Bikini Beach/Blood Beach! Tomato/tomatoe! Since I am a horror girl, I thought I would share my top ten summertime horror films!

10. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

I know, sort of cliche, but I was a teen for a good part of the 90s, so sue me! In case you live under a rock, this film is a hit and run gone wrong. All I know is that if you dump a dead body, maybe you should make sure they are dead. Just saying… A group of friends are involved in a hit and run. They all cover up the accident and don’t talk about it again. A year goers by, and everyone is reunited when they start receiving anonymous notes saying “I know what you did last summer”. Kids get stalked, the body count starts to add up… fun for the whole family! Also, this film has some killer eye candy. Yes, I am talking about Ryan Phillippe, Freddie Prinze Jr, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

9. Joy Ride (2001)

Yes. The movie with the ever so classy tagline, “Don’t screw with people you don’t know.” Great advice, by the way. Two guys play a prank on a trucker over their CB radio. It isn’t until after they pick up the “hot chick” from college that they realize they pissed the trucker off and he is a freaking murdering psychopath! I know… likely story. This movie always cracks me up, if only because of the lines Steve Zahn. God! The mouth on that guy… so many eff bombs! I love it!

8. Campfire Tales (1997)

This is what it sounds like. A group of teenagers telling stories around a campfire. Lots of familiar faces including Christine taylor, Christopher Masterson, Amy Smart, and James Marsden. This one is filled with tales about make out points, monsters, ghosts, and crazed killers. What can I say, I’m a sucker for anthology horror films. 

7. Madman (1982)

This one takes place at a summer camp for tweens. The legend has it that if you call out “Madman Marz”, a mass murder, he will come back and kill anyone in his path. Well guess what the kids do and guess what happens to the counselors? Yup, unicorn dance party! Just kidding… but you get the idea.

6. Piranha 3D (2010)

Pick a Piranha, any Piranha. The original, the 3D one with Jerry O’Connell, or even the 3DD one. They all have hot bods, kitsch, and killer fish. It’s great! Though I do have a soft spot for the 3D one… Damn you Jerry!!!!! I can’t look at him without hearing someone whisper “sliders”!!! 

5. Tourist Trap (1979)

Your basic group of friends stranded at a secluded roadside museum where they are stalked by the owner. I know, oldest story in the book! Did I mention the owner has control over is collection of mannequins??? This movie is one I would love to see remade… Hint Hint, Hollywood! Get on it!

4. Jaws (1975)

I’m not explaining this one. If you didn’t read my post on Jaws I don’t know why I am even bothering. 

3. The Burning (1981)

This movie has it all!!!! A prank gone wrong, a crazed killer who is horribly disfigured, sexy teens, a great murder weapon, a body count, and Jason Alexander… wait for it…. with hair! I watched this film for the first time a year ago and I have been obsessed with it ever since! I couldn’t believe I had gone almost my entire life without ever having watched it! No spoilers, just watch it!

2. Friday the 13th (1980)

Ohh no, Krystal Lake didn’t put Jason as her #1 movie… super fan my ass! For all ya’ll punks out there judging me for not putting Friday the 13th as my #1 pick just because of my name can bite me! I’m breaking free! I love Friday the 13th! I love every man who has ever played the role of Jason Voorhies. I almost cried when Betsy Palmer passed away (she played Mrs. Voorhees… amateurs!) This is just classic horror to me, plain and simple. You have an accident followed by revenge and no matter how many teenagers or camp counselors suffer, it will never be enough! NEVER!!!! Anyways, this is another film that I am not going to explain because unless you just walked out of the womb, there is no excuse! None!

1. Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Ohhh Sleepaway Camp, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… I own the boxset and just purchased every film on bluray because I HAD TO. No really… I had to!!!! Two words: Actors Commentary! The story starts out with a family and two kids at a lake. There is a terrible accident. One of the kids passes away and the dad as well. The surviving child is Angela. Angela ends up living with her Aunt and cousin after the accident. Just like her cousin, Angela will be going to sleepway camp for a few weeks. She is shy and is picked on constantly leaving her cousin to defend her. Suddenly, people at the camp start having “accidents” one by one and the kill scenes are great! The ending is killer, pun totally intended! This is probably one of the few horror films that I have literally seen over 100 times. Not a joke… I am at triple digits with the first one and the second and third aren’t too much further behind. Bottom line, this movie kicks ass and I highly reccommend this to any fan of 80s slashers!

I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Favorite Summertime Horror Films. If I missed one that you would recommend, leave the title in the comments below!

Stay Spooky,

Krystal Lake

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#TakeMeHomeTuesday - Great news, and more awesome kitties available for adoption!

Hey everyone, I have great news. It looks like Itty Bitty Kitty may be getting a shelter shortly! This means we won't have to operate out of pet stores any longer, and we'll be able to rescue more animals!

This week we have three darling cats to highlight.

The first available cat is Timber.

It's he a cutie pie? He's laid back and super sweet, and would be a great addition to a home with another cat.  He is a kitten, so he will need extra attention and play time to let go of his energy.*

The next available cat is Shelby.

She is a goofy ball of energy! She loves attention and playing. She was rescued with Timber, but is not a litter mate. She does well with cats, families, and just about anyone. Again, she is high energy, so she will need to be played with to be sure that she doesn't destroy anything.*

* In case you haven't had one, kittens are known to climb curtains and play with everything. They also love you to bits and stick to you like glue once you bond, because you become their guardian. It's a lifetime bond - they can live for 20+ years, to be aware of this when adopting. Also, have teething toys (usually made of fabric) available, and a soft fuzzy blanket. The blanket keeps them warm, and toy gives them something to comfort them if they're uncomfortable. (My youngest cat still gnaws on my fingers while kneading a blanket and sitting in my lap- it's her way of telling me she loves me.)

The third kitty has been featured before. It's Benny!!

Benny is a lover boy. He wants to be held and petted and loved. He really enjoys other cats, and actually wanted to visit with the kittens in the cage above him. He will be your best buddy and likely cuddle with you if you're sitting down. He's also a big goofball, and likes to talk. I walk over to his cage and he mumbles in cat speak the entire time I'm cleaning and playing.

As always, follow the link at the top if you're interested in adopting any of the available cats. I post photos of them at the shelter site on Tuesdays on my instagram account, so feel free to ask any questions here or there.

Monday, August 24, 2015

SaikouCon 2015

Hi All! This is Miss Shelly, and I'll be covering this awesome Lehigh Valley event!

SaikouCon 2015 will be taking place August 28, 29, and 30, 2015 at the Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel Conference Center; located at 300 Gateway Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18017. The Best Western features over 11,000 square feet of dedicated meeting space, The Foundry restaurant, and The Bar with No Name Nightclub. The Best Western will afford SaikouCon 2015 more vendor space in the Merchant Hall which will be set in the hotel's Hanover Grande Ballroom and more artist space in a separate Artist Alley set in the hotel's Lehigh Room Banquet Hall. SaikouCon's third year is going to be bigger, better, and more diverse in its programming than any SaikouCon to come before, 2015 is a game changer; don't miss it! SaikouCon was initially conceived in May of 2012 and held its first show in August of 2013, the convention has grown consistently each year.

Guests of Honor for SaikouCon 2015 are RuffleButt Cosplay (Jessie Pridemore), Voice Actress Leah Clark, Voice Actress Danielle McCrae, and Voice Actress Tia Ballard! Featured Guests this year are The Gamer's Edge Comics and Gaming (hosting and sponsoring our tabletop gaming room), Sci-Fi Photo Guys, Hazel Dayze, and Cosplay Burlesque! Musical Guests include headlining band The Adarna, Adam WarRock, Take Away The Ugly, and DJ Teez! And for the first time at SaikouCon, Special Guests Koralene Cosplay and comic book author and artist Derrick Fish!

DJ Teez
Take Away the Ugly
The Schedule for SaikouCon 2015 is posted on the Events page on For full details on all panels, events, activities, autograph sessions etc. please visit SaikouCon's Facebook page, and click on the Events tab. Make sure to use Facebook's new Subscribe feature for Fan Page Events so you get notified as soon as we post an event.

Be on the lookout for me at the event! I'd love to feature you in my next blog post!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

40 Years of Terror

I have been obsessed with horror films since I was a little kid. It’s true. I remember watching movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Child’s Play when I was in elementary school. Maybe not the best thing for a kid to watch, but I loved horror and I could not get enough! Even if a film gave me the heebee jeebees, I would watch it over and over. I liked being scared. The movies that were always the scariest to me weren’t ones with ghosts like in Poltergeist or with villains like Jason Voorhees. The ones that always got me were films where I felt that I could be in that exact situation. 

Horror movies that had less of a supernatural terror always made me crap my big girl panties! Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t saying “Candyman” in the mirror three times or hanging around clowns just in case I bumped into Pennywise, but at least those didn’t feel as real as some horror flicks. Scream freaked me out, despite how much I loved it, especially when I went to the bathroom alone at school. Who knows who could be hiding in a stall with a knife! Teen slashers always got my blood flowing. Urban Legends and I Know What You Did Last Summer always made me a little paranoid. The Blair Witch Project creeped me out, mainly because I live in Maryland and had a tendency to play in the woods. Now, even with all of these unstable teenagers, the film that scared me the most had a villain that wasn’t even human. Nope. The film I’m talking about had a great white with the best theme song ever. Yes, I am talking about the shark in Jaws!

Movie poster for Jaws 1975
While I didn’t remember much from the film after the first time that I saw it, I do remember the impact it had on me every single time I went into the water. Every time I went to the beach I always had the thought of a shark attack in the back of my head. If a fish or piece of seaweed touched my leg underwater I would have a mini panic attack. I would jump up and wouldn’t want to touch my feet back down to the ground. There were times when I would go into the ocean and wouldn’t touch my feet to the ground once I made it past where the waves break. And if you think that is bad, I used to freak out in pools. Yes… those big things with clear water and chlorine that no shark would survive in. I had myself convinced that there were sharks hiding in the deep end and in the grates at the bottom of the pool. I would never swim over them or even dare touch them with my feet. Luckily, this phobia ended when I was in middle school… thank god! I still can’t believe I let a movie have that much of an impact on me, but like I said, Jaws was a terror that felt possible.
Still from Jaws 1975
Jaws has now been out, terrorizing beach goers for 40 years now! That’s amazing! I was lucky enough to attend one of the screenings for it’s 40th anniversary last month. It still had it’s moments. Cheap shots that made me jump, drunken sailor singing, and Bruce! Ohh, fun fact, they named the shark Bruce on set. I probably would have named him something like Snuggles or Mr. Wigglesworth, but that’s just me. No judgement. Bruce is a great name… if it is followed by Campbell. 
Still from Jaws 1975
I could sit here and give you tons of trivia about this film, like how Jaws was the highest grossing film for 2 years until Star Wars came out… bastards! But I won’t do that. What I will do is say this… if you have not seen Jaws, do yourself a huge favor and see it on the big screen while it is still out in theaters! All of those anti-piracy ads are right, nothing compares to seeing a movie in a theater. The lights are out, the screen is huge, and for 90 minutes, you are completely focused on the film. Every detail, the music, the props, the characters, and the storyline. For me, the best part is not having any distractions at the theater and letting the feelings of fear and anxiousness take over as I’m on the edge of my seat wondering when that damn shark is going to pop back up again! Okay… maybe I know when the shark is going to pop out of the water, but you get the idea. 

In any case, Happy 40th Bruce! You family vacation to the beach ruining bastard!


Krystal Lake 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Trapped In The Black Lodge: Why I Love Twin Peaks

If you know me, you know I have a love affair with the 90's television show, Twin Peaks. I got hooked, and I got hooked fast. I can't tell you how many times I've watched the pilot, how many slices of cherry pie I've eaten, or how many black and white chevron items I own, but just know its a lot. This years marks the 25th anniversary of the show I'm obsessed with and here are a few reasons why...

"She's dead....wrapped in plastic." Laura Palmer, the prom queen, had been found dead and murdered and it was our job as the viewer to try to figure out who did it. "Who killed Laura Palmer?" was pretty much the slogan of the first season. The quirky town of Twin Peaks lost its teenage beauty and everyone was a suspect. At its core, this offbeat show that included a but of scifi and horror started out as a murder mystery and I loved trying to play detective.

The unconventional, handsome, FBI agent Dale Cooper. Always talking into his tape recorder, coffee in hand, and appreciator of cherry pie, Cooper quickly became my favorite television character. His attention to detail and eccentric methods, such as Tibetan philosophy and being visited by a dancing dwarf and a gentle giant in his dreams, I was confident that this well put together detective would solve the case.

The mysterious Black Lodge, which is an extradimensional place that Cooper first visited in a dream. It is said to be a sort of waiting room; a parallel universe where you meet your shadow self. Weird, right? The red room is my favorite visual aspect of the series. The black and white chevron floor and the vibrant red curtains are perfection.

Audrey Horne. She was gorgeous and had that 90s pinup vibe about her. She was only 18 but loved Agent Cooper but didnt we all? A bit of a trouble maker but she got herself involved in Laura Palmers case and tried to help Cooper anyway she could. Her sense of style was everything. Need I say more?

David Lynch created quite the list of characters. Twin Peaks had some very odd locals. For instance, you had the Log Lady who carried around a log and communicated with it. Nadine Hurley wears an eye patch due to a hunting accident and has an obsession with silent drape runners. Lucy Moran is the sheriff departments receptionist who is a bit clueless but still loveable. These are just to name a few...

No matter how many times I watch it, there will always be those unexplainables. Maybe thats whats so intriguing about Twin Peaks. Its not all straightforward. Everything can be interpreted differently. Just like many other fans, I'm looking forward to next years Season 3.

 I'll leave you with a photo from I shoot we did last ode to Twin Peaks.
Photo: sTOrM Photography
Model/Wardrobe: Bettie Krueger
Make Up Provided by 13th Moon Creations
Shoot for Sinister Rouge Pin Up & More