Monday, August 3, 2015

Trapped In The Black Lodge: Why I Love Twin Peaks

If you know me, you know I have a love affair with the 90's television show, Twin Peaks. I got hooked, and I got hooked fast. I can't tell you how many times I've watched the pilot, how many slices of cherry pie I've eaten, or how many black and white chevron items I own, but just know its a lot. This years marks the 25th anniversary of the show I'm obsessed with and here are a few reasons why...

"She's dead....wrapped in plastic." Laura Palmer, the prom queen, had been found dead and murdered and it was our job as the viewer to try to figure out who did it. "Who killed Laura Palmer?" was pretty much the slogan of the first season. The quirky town of Twin Peaks lost its teenage beauty and everyone was a suspect. At its core, this offbeat show that included a but of scifi and horror started out as a murder mystery and I loved trying to play detective.

The unconventional, handsome, FBI agent Dale Cooper. Always talking into his tape recorder, coffee in hand, and appreciator of cherry pie, Cooper quickly became my favorite television character. His attention to detail and eccentric methods, such as Tibetan philosophy and being visited by a dancing dwarf and a gentle giant in his dreams, I was confident that this well put together detective would solve the case.

The mysterious Black Lodge, which is an extradimensional place that Cooper first visited in a dream. It is said to be a sort of waiting room; a parallel universe where you meet your shadow self. Weird, right? The red room is my favorite visual aspect of the series. The black and white chevron floor and the vibrant red curtains are perfection.

Audrey Horne. She was gorgeous and had that 90s pinup vibe about her. She was only 18 but loved Agent Cooper but didnt we all? A bit of a trouble maker but she got herself involved in Laura Palmers case and tried to help Cooper anyway she could. Her sense of style was everything. Need I say more?

David Lynch created quite the list of characters. Twin Peaks had some very odd locals. For instance, you had the Log Lady who carried around a log and communicated with it. Nadine Hurley wears an eye patch due to a hunting accident and has an obsession with silent drape runners. Lucy Moran is the sheriff departments receptionist who is a bit clueless but still loveable. These are just to name a few...

No matter how many times I watch it, there will always be those unexplainables. Maybe thats whats so intriguing about Twin Peaks. Its not all straightforward. Everything can be interpreted differently. Just like many other fans, I'm looking forward to next years Season 3.

 I'll leave you with a photo from I shoot we did last ode to Twin Peaks.
Photo: sTOrM Photography
Model/Wardrobe: Bettie Krueger
Make Up Provided by 13th Moon Creations
Shoot for Sinister Rouge Pin Up & More