Friday, July 31, 2015

The PA Burlesque Festival is almost here!

We are exactly 1 week away from the 6th Annual PA Burlesque Festival at the Mauch Chunk Opera House and those of us here at Sinister Rouge couldn't be more excited!

You see, it's because of the Burlesque Festival that we first found our way to this beautiful mountain town that we now call home.  It also happens to be where we met Bettie Krueger & Krystal Lake for the first time!  Madame Corsetiere is an inspiration with the way she brings everyone together.  I'll be the first to tell you that trying to keep a good group of people together and going is not the easiest of feats.  Not to mention her skills when it comes to costume design are incredible to say the least.  But back to the show next week, that's what you really want to know about.....
 Do you see that? Miss Poison Ivory is headlining Friday night!  <<girlie squeals>>  Miss Poison Ivory is definitely the one performance I am always the most excited about ever since I first saw her on the PA Burlesque Festival Stage for their Halloween themed Boolesque Event...So, yes, last year when she won the Crystal Corset Award, we were all ecstatic!  Check out my favorite performance that I've seen so far here: 
 Not only do you have 2 nights of amazing performers (click here for full listing), but they're also doing 2 days of classes!  That's right, in love with what you see in that video above or at any of the shows?  Miss Poison Ivory will be teaching 'Burlesque 101' on Saturday.  Nina La Voix, who can shake it like no other, will be teaching her class "What Dat Booty Do" on Sunday, which if it's anything like last year's packed class will be tons of fun!  Madame Corsetiere will even be teaching 2 classes on Sunday!  I could go on and on, but just check out the full schedule.

See you there!