Monday, July 27, 2015

Feeling comfortable in your own skin - just in time for beach season!

Hey there!

So it's summer. I want to talk about feeling comfortable with the body you have right now. I mean it, right now, this second. You with (what you think) is a "terrible" body, listen up! You're awesome, and your body is a gift. Can you walk? Can you lift things? Can you speak and move? Then, guess what, your body is perfect just as it is!

I keep seeing things like this being put up by people on Facebook:

This is Jack Black as Nacho Libre.

Tacos aren't inherently bad for you. You can make them with lettuce instead of corn tortillas, you can use grilled fish, tofu, or chicken instead of ground beef. You don't HAVE to add cheese - use onion and cilantro. If you want a taco, eat a stupid taco. This is what I want to reply when I see it, but I don't. Maybe I should, but honestly, I don't want to make someone with body issues feel worse. Instead, I normally tell them that they're awesome the way they are and that I puffy heart them.
One slice won't kill you. Seriously.

This one really drives me crazy. Again, healthful alternatives - cauliflower crust, whole wheat crust, less cheese, vegan cheese, no meat, etc. If you want it, eat it. Don't eat a whole pie - you'll likely feel gross. Enjoy the damned pizza, and go ahead and have a beer with it if you want. Enjoy your life, damn it!

I'm saying this to you as someone who was there before. I suffer(ed) from body dysmorphia, an eating disorder, and exercise orthorexia. There are some of us who are all or nothing. You can either suffer and burn out, or you can find peace and accept yourself. At almost 35, I've found peace and I accept myself. 80% of the time, I eat small portions and make healthful choices, and the other 20% I eat things that make me happy - like ice cream, s'mores, and hot dogs. I have food allergies and some gut issues, so I am forced to restrict certain items, or I'll end up in the hospital, so there's that. I find alternatives, like sunflower butter, that make me happy and remind me of foods that I used to eat.

Remember, you don't know what someone is battling, but you can be kind. Enjoy your life and please, don't feel bad if you have thighs that rub together - you're closer to a being a mermaid that way. Stretch marks and cellulite - puh-lease - battle scars. Chub? Whatever.

Enjoy the beach - wear an awesome straw hat, wear that suit, and if you need to, an airy caftan or cover up.  Use sunscreen, and enjoy the salt water or pool. Soak in those rays and read a book. That's what summer's about. Oh, and custard!