Friday, September 4, 2015

Hampden Fest 2015

What do you get when you put live music, a pie eating contest, a toilet bowl race, and a singing contest on a street in Baltimore? You get Hampden Fest, Hon! That's right! Next month, Hampden Fest will be back for its one day of glory that comes at the end of every Summer! An area of Baltimore called Hampden, hosts the festival and it is jammed with locals having a killler time in a way only Baltimore can.

Every year, the city of Baltimore blocks off 36th Street aka The Avenue for Hampden Fest. This street has everything you could ever want on a normal day. It has antique shops, places to buy cute clothes, buy records, hit up a John Waters signing, eat a vegan sandwich, get a hair cut, buy some taxidermy, and then grab some ice cream on the way out. Now imagine this street with three stages for live music and contests. Now throw in tents filled with Baltimore themed merchandise and handmade items. Okay, now add some food trucks. The street is kinda packed now, huh. Well, lets just fill up the side walk to be on the safe side. Can't have too much of a good thing, now can we?

Much like any festival, there is no shortage of food. You will find food trucks and local restaurants dishing out yummy food, and yes, this includes crab cakes! Duh! You will also find amazing beers from Baltimore's own The Brewer's Art and Union Craft Brewing. I never knew the true meaning of having a great tasting beer until I had Resurrection by Brewer's Art. You'll thank me later. Now, because my husband always asks, yes, there is funnel cake and freaking lemonade! However, if you are like me, you're not going for the food; you're going for the vendors!

Hampden Fest is one of my favorite festivals to shop at. Looking for some fun pop art of the city? Got it. Want some new Ravens gear that is one of a kind? You're covered. Looking for some Utz and Boh stickers for the car? Look no further. Handmade jewelry by locals? Consider it done. I vend at this festival every year and I have force myself not to spend every dollar I freaking make right there at the damn festival! Don't laugh. The struggle is real! Awesome shopping aside, there is one thing that sets this festival apart from all others, and that my friends is the The Toilet Bowl Race!

The Gas Man in The Toilet Race
The Toilet Bowl Race is a tradition and is really a sight to be seen! This race has become insanely competitive amongst the locals and the rules that come along are anything but a laughing matter. However, when the first rule states that "All racers must include at least one clean human defecation device" how serious an this really be? The answer is more serious that Donald Trump at a presidential debate... oh wait... that was a joke as well. Shoot! I'm bad at analogies. Anyways... if toilet bowl racing is in the can for you, there is plenty of other stuff to entertain you.

Once again, there will be live music. This includes local acts and a special guest to be announced. Last year it was the band Future Islands and yes, I pretty much freaked the eff out!!!!! On top of this, there is also Hampden Idol. It is what it sounds like. I'm not explaining that one.

That's all the info I have at this time. The Hampden Fest 2015 page is constantly being updated. Right now, you can still apply to vend and compete in the toilet bowl race. This year I will be vending in front of Kiss N Make-Up, as always, so please stop by and say hi!

September 19th! Mark your calendars!


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