Friday, February 20, 2015

Let me introduce myself......

Hello, everyone!  Selena here, I'm the owner/creator of 13th Moon and founder of Sinister Rouge Pin Up & More.  Before I get into different topics with you, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about why I do what I do so that the info I give later will make a little more sense to you.

Me after my first shoot with SR & sTOrM Photography 

I make skincare and cosmetics, what I study is considered Cosmetic Chemistry.  I am not a doctor and do not evaluate or treat anyone's conditions and cannot advise on diagnosis, etc.  However, as an asthmatic with severe allergies, I understand when you need some guidance and understanding of what my products are.  I am happy to break everything down for you as needed to make sure you get what you are looking for and not go home with something that you will be disappointed with once you start using it.

'TimberWolf' 3-in-1 Beer Soap
I believe in using what we have learned from the combination of science and nature.  I do not believe that essential oils are the be all, end all for any ailment any more than I believe that modern medicine is the answer for every issue.  I believe in using the best possible solution with all of the information that we have available to us.  Sometimes the oils and natural remedies work, sometimes they're not the right answer...When I'm having a major asthma attack, I will not try deep breathing or steam, it's beyond that, I reach for my albuterol in my nebulizer and Prednisone because I do not want to die and science/modern medicine has made it so that I can live with it's help.  That being said, I also don't reach for antibiotics or steroids light heartedly.  You have to choose your battles, but live to fight another day, right?

'Punch Drunk' Scented Nail Polish
I have heard more false information and fear mongering from fellow soapers attempting to make a buck, and it really makes me sick, so I choose to separate myself from that.  I will not lie to you about something's origin (I may bore you to death with the explanation of the ingredient, lol), but I will not use fear tactics to scare you into buying one of my products in the guise of trying to help.  I believe everyone deserves access to information and I am willing to give what I have learned the hard way to you freely, so if you have questions, please ask away, I'm happy to answer them, but I also suggest looking into reputable sources for your information, NOT marketing and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.  (Send skincare questions to   Having said that, there are so many small skincare and soap companies that are so wonderful, helpful and honest and doing such an amazing job that I am happy to be a part of the community.  It's because of these amazing people that I have the knowledge I have, some of them have been so inviting and open, I love our community, that's why I get so upset at the fear mongers that make the good ones job that much more difficult.  Enough about that, though.

'Kiss, Kiss! Mint, Mint!' 2-in-1 Wine Soap
So, you already know I'm asthmatic, I also have skin and food allergies as well as having issues with airborne contact allergens.  What does this mean other than the fact that I probably should just live in a bubble to make it easier on all those around me?  Well, it means I'm really cautious about my ingredients and it means that I don't dismiss you or your special skincare needs.  I will be discussing skincare needs with you all here, I will include some product descriptions so you get an idea of what I'm all about and hopefully it can help someone else having issues with their skin.

'Sun God' Goat Milk Soap
'Cherry Pie' Scented Nail Polish
I started researching in 2001, determined to find a way to make products I could use and most importantly, I needed to find fragrances that didn't trigger my asthma or allergies.  I love fragrance and refused to use just the free & clear products for the rest of my life.  The power of scent is just too important to live without, if you have a choice.  I found that using high quality blends of fragrance and essential oils was a safe and effective way to make fragrances that didn't trigger an allergic reaction for me and many others.  I was disappointed with the rustic look that I was seeing from handmade soaps, my little punk rock heart wanted to do this because it was good and proper DIY and I wanted to put my stamp on it, my style had to come through or I didn't want to do it.  I started playing with colors and swirling my bars.  Once I started playing with color, I couldn't stop color blending.....that is what lead to the creation of our scented nail polishes, loose pigments, and lip colors.
'Sweet & Twisted' Scented Nail Polish
I hope that is a good enough intro for now, we'll talk more about things next time, but if you have any specific questions, again, please email  If you'd like to check out the products we currently have listed online,  There are currently about 70 items listed, There are over 500 handmade items (that I make) to list, so please bear with us during the revamp of the website. We do everything ourselves here and wouldn't change it for the world. :)