Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Episode 14 of 40 Story Radio Tower!

Hello my lovelies!

Its that time of month again, when I update you on the month's performance of 40 Story Radio Tower, the monthly recorded live for podcast radio show! This month's performance will be (as always) at the Mauch Chunk Opera House THIS THURSDAY, April 23rd at 8:00PM (Doors open at seven.)This months band is the Barefoot Movement! This critically acclaimed band features a mixture of blue-grass, country, folk, and rock and roll.
Credit to 40 Story Radio Tower for this photo (We all aren't totally on our phones or anything)
And now for the moment in my articles where I horribly summarize some of our featured sketches this month this month in one sentence or less. (Because I'm pretty sure I lose you guys after one sentence anyway.)

Crosspital: Mr. Crumbel finds himself entrapped (quite literally) by the snare of Nurse and the drug-happy Disorderly. Look out for those dashing musical numbers.

Shitmouthtown: Mariska Mariskovya, the heroine of this tale, finds solace in an unlikely ally in her newest home of Shitmouthtown. Is there hope for her yet?

Dollar-a-Caller: We meet again our infamous radio host, Kelly, in his attempt to reinstate the Dollar-a-Caller show, the call in show that allows customers to sell their items on air.

Any items...

Grudge Coach: Are you too nice? Do you often often let go of grudges too easily? Well my friends, do we have the man for you!

We have another super fun new series coming up this month, but if I say  the title, it won't be any fun.

This month also features poetry by Michael Newton and Rebecca York Moll!

Again, credit to 40 Story Radio Tower
So, I'll keep this short and sweet: Come on out this Thursday night. Its been decided that this is literally our most disgusting (in a good way, of course) show to date, so obviously it will be the most fun. For $10.00 you are provided with the most unique entertainment this area has to offer. (Plus, we're all a lot of fun and if you laugh loud enough, you'll be on a podcast!)
There is a free beatboxing performance by myself, Kyle, and Keith after every show!

Have a wonderful month everyone, and you'll be hearing from me soon!