Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#TakeMeHomeTuesday Intro & Abby's Story

Our Fluffy Bunny Cat in his window

I've always been an animal lover, but a severe allergy to cats seemed to have made me a dog person for the majority of my life.  Since moving to Jim Thorpe, almost everyone we know seemed to have cats.  Since allergy shots never worked for me, I never would have thought that being around cats more often would build up my tolerance.  Maybe my body changed, maybe I did build up a tolerance, I really don't know, but what I do know is that one day, I had no real reaction.  Which, of course, to me, meant I had a strong urge to adopt a kitty.  This was a year ago.  We went to Carbon County Friends of Animals after first dealing with a private rescue that left a bad taste in my mouth.  There we found "Quinn", or "Quincey" as he was called for the year that he called CCFOA home, we know him as Doyle, but he answers more to "Fluffy Bunny Cat", since that's what we tend to call him more often than not. 

Our Fluffy Bunny Cat with his Catnip
Our Fluffy Bunny Cat was the perfect fit for our home with two small terriers that we knew would take some time to accept into the house.  He's a Cymric, or long haired Manx, which means that he has no tail, just a bunny tail pouf and long, soft hair that falls out in clumps instead of individually, which means it's easier to clean up and better on my allergies (also how he got the nickname, Fluffy Bunny Cat).  This also means he's very vocal, very, very vocal, we love that he talks to us.  He's timid, but not a total push over, which helps with the dogs. 

Dana, from CCFOA was very helpful in helping us find the right fit for us to make sure when she finds one of their cats a home, it's one they'll have for the rest of their lives.  I was very clear on what our lives were like and what we needed in a new family member.  With her vast knowledge and care for their cats, she immediately showed us a handful of options that fit our description.  One of the cats that we looked at was Abby.  Abby was a bit timid for us and I was afraid of our high strung terriers chasing and tormenting her.  But I really did have a soft spot for this sweet girl. 
Abby needs our help finding her forever home!

I've been in touch with Dana and CCFOA on occasion and during benefits, etc, but yesterday was my first time going to their new location.  I will have more information on the new location next week, but for now, I guess, the biggest news for me was that sweet, little Abby still has not found her furever home.  How does this happen?  Abby has been with CCFOA since 2011 and was estimated to be 1+ years of age at that time.  She is good with other animals and is extremely timid, I would think she would be great with kids, but you may want to double check that with the staff if interested in adoption.

I only got to spend about 15-20 minutes with her, but, I guess it's easy to see how she would get overlooked, but not for 4 years.  She's a smaller girl, very timid and shy, but she does warm up fairly quickly.  She just doesn't push herself to the front of the line when people come in, but neither did our Doyle, which I guess is how he spent a year there, too.  They tell me that she doesn't really like to be held, which I could sense, but after petting her in her bed for a few minutes, she came out and came to me for more love.  That's how our Fluffy Bunny Cat was, but now, he comes to me to be picked up.  I probably spent 5 minutes a day working with him on that, I simply would pick him up and hold him (after some good quality petting/brushing time) until he wanted to get down.  Most of the time, in the beginning, it would last all of 2-3 seconds before he would freak out and kick to get down.  I think she's just broken down and needs someone to work with her a little bit, like our Doyle did.  She's stunningly beautiful and her eyes are brilliant.  I don't understand how this beautiful girl has not found a home in 4 years!  Please help us find Abby her new Forever Home!  Share this and if you are interested in bringing this loving girl into your home, please contact CCFOA and tell them Sinister Rouge sent you for Abby!   Don't forget to Like CCFOA on Facebook here.
Let's help Abby find her family, she's been waiting patiently for 4 years!