Friday, May 22, 2015

I am not a juggler!

That was confirmed the first time I visited the Pocono Juggle Fest.  However, I have seen the fest grow to now include other circus arts.  At this year's event, Cheryl "Twinfinity" Honchen was vending and teaching twin hooping.  "Twinning" also isn't my thing.  My left hand is not a team player.  But if twin or body hooping interests you, Twinfinity is an amazing instructor based in Lehighton, PA.  You can checkout Twinfinity on Facebook.

Pictured left to right:  Knotty NéNé, Kim (Co-Organizer),Twinfinity

Crack!  That familiar sound got my attention.  The gentleman making the sonic boom was Kyle Mertz of Kyle's Kracking Whips.  My boyfriend's son shares my love of whip cracking.  Kyle and I looked on with pride (and ringing ears) as we watched him crack his whip.  

Kyle was curious about corsets.

Human sized hamster balls, rolla bolla, hover craft it is easy to understand why it is a three day fest.  If your curiosity is peaked, you can keep up to date on their website.

I have a year to get better at handling balls.