Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's a Good Time to Get Down

Spring has sprung in NEPA!  For me that means it is time to come out of 'hibernation' and become active again.  Most weekends you will find me whitewater kayaking or at a music festivals.  My first music festival of the year will be Goodtimes Getdown. 

Last year was my first time attending Goodtimes Getdown.  Part of the fun was competing in their glamping competition.  Glamping or glamourous camping sounded right up my alley.  We ended up winning first prize.

Everyone should have roses while camping.

Our winning setup got us invited to attend another festival, Opple Topple.  At Opple Topple we met some people that are now close friends.  It is crazy when you think of the domino effect that can happen when you put yourself out there.  

Getting my glow on.

I understand that sometimes it is hard to take that first step.  Whether it may be striking up a conversation with someone, dancing in public, or trying something new.  I encourage everyone to get outside their comfort zone, try something new or something that you've always wanted to do.  

Our "lava" floored living room.

If I have happened to inspire you to come to Goodtimes Getdown, stop by the blue glowing tent and say hello.  You never know what you could happen next!