Friday, June 19, 2015

Date Night Ideas

Are you ever looking for something fun to do? Something that isn't the same old movie or dinner out? I highly suggest getting yourself out to do something like this.

The Tamaqua Community Art Center is Located 
125 Pine St 
Tamaqua, Pa 18252
(570) 668 - 1192
 To see a calender of events 
Tamaqua Community Arts Center runs Paint and Sip events 3 - 4 events a month.

OK let's be real here for a minute families or even just happy couples, "Date Night" can be fun, but sometimes it gets boring. We tend to do what we are comfortable with for my husband and myself it consists of a movie and dinner without our children being there, but conversation usually leads back to them in one form or another. Or its a group date to Buffalo Wild Wings to see a UFC fight night. We do not often do things that are out of our comfort zone. So for Valentine's Day this year I wanted to do something NEW something neither of us had done before. I had been hearing about these paint and sips that a bunch of my coworkers have been too, but was told that most of the time these were a bunch of women getting together. So when I heard about the couples one I was in I thought this is perfect something to do that is NEW!!!!!  It took a little time to convince my husband that we needed no actual artistic talents. We were both nervous neither of us claim to be artists, but we thought it would be something fun to do that we had never tried before. OH BOY am I glad we decided to give this a chance.
They started us with a basic sketch on a blank canvas and a palette of colors which if you asked they would help you  customize, as seen on  the right. The artist who was teaching us the techniques was a lot of fun and super helpful. She made us feel very comfortable.  

There were several stages to the process each one a little harder as we went along, but the instructor was right there to help you if you felt you made a mistake. Really the painting is designed that there really is no mistake that cannot be fixed, but she would help you make it more cohesive looking.

This event included a candlelit dinner which of course I forgot to take a picture of, but it was a nice simple catered meal. To have a meal that is not interrupted by wearing someones food(I have 2 toddlers I am always wearing some sort of food), screaming, or idle chat about the various Disney princesses is always a treat, but to have one so romantically put together was very nice.

After dinner we finished the painting see pictures above there were so many steps and each one needed time between, so Tamaqua Art Center Provided an little Photo booth to play with in the break times..
As the simple couple next door looking for something new and interesting to do for a date night or  just something fun for yourself. Go check out the paint and sips at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center they always have great events going on there. We had a blast and are planning another one soon.
Finished product and acting silly . 

Have a great time and take a sip for me.
Ceci Blu