Monday, June 15, 2015

Opple Topple

What do you envision when you think of a music festival?  Tie-dye wearing hippies?  Psychedelic tapestries?  Cheap beer?

This all may be true at Opple Topple as well.  But this year at Opple Topple you will also be reminded of Morrocco.  Envision a tent out of Arabian nights.  White damask linens drape the tent.  At night the entire tent seems to glow.  Seductive belly dancers and exotic men entice you with mint tea and hookah pipes.  Decorative lanterns flicker in the candlelight.  An intoxicating perfume of incense is in the air.  A gypsy sits in the corner reading tarot cards.

Mint tea anyone?

If you are looking for something to do Father's Day weekend and you enjoy good music and camping.  Why not check out Opple Topple?  If you do go, make sure you stop by the Tea Party tent and say hello.