Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Joining the Sinister Rouge Crew

When I was approached by Selena about contributing to SR, I couldn't say no! After being a lover of 13th Moon Creations (aka the reason why I always smell so good) for a few years now and learning about the self-love messages SR promotes, it was a good match.

So now I want to introduce myself and what I do!

I'm Keith Blackwell. I've been labeled everything from tarot reader, psychic, witch, more, and everything in-between. I think what I do speaks more than any label could! I am a co-owner of a counseling business in Lehighton, and conduct tarot readings, astrological consultations, and ministerial services.

I help people get clear and get through the things that are causing a lack of flow in their lives. People bring their problems to the table, anything ranging from school/relationship issues, business advice, to paranormal activity and beyond! When I shuffle the deck, I am literally putting all the different aspects and possibilities of the Universe into motion and I'll also let you know what the planets have to say.

Here on the SR blog, I'll be posting every so often about the latest astrological happenings or addressing any questions or topics that are thrown my way! (You can leave these in the comments below!)

You can find me online at or email me at kblackwell7 @