Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yummiest little place in Wilkes-Barre!

I was driving in Wilkes Barre, PA about a week ago and had the opportunity to stop at one of my favorite little restaurants, the Anthracite Café. After being to many, and I mean many, different restaurants in the NEPA area, I forgot how much I really enjoyed their food and casual atmosphere. I think it’s about time that everyone knew about this little gem!

Their selection of salads, sandwiches, soups, wings and specialty dishes never let me down and they make some of the BEST wing sauces I have ever tasted! The Hot Maple Garlic is probably one of my favorites - Yum! They even make different sauces like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Rosemary Ranch, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mango Jalapeno, Old Bay Garlic Butter and some normal sauces like Mild, Hot and Cajun. Regardless of what flavor you choose, your taste buds will thank you! My favorite meals there are probably the B&B’s Chicken Strips, which are strips of chicken doused in whatever sauce you’d like, the Pretzel Chicken, and the Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak (can you tell I enjoy chicken?) They serve a variety of different meats but those are just a few of my personal favorites!

On top of fantastic food, they have an amazing bar! For all you drinkers out there, they house a crazy variety of different beverages. I’m a fan of IPA’s and Specialty/Seasonal brews – they do not disappoint! Some of the few I have enjoyed there are the Arrogant Bastard Ale, Victory Hop Devil, Pete’s Strawberry Blonde and Wells Banana Bread.
For the full menu of their drinks, check this out --> Drinks!

The Anthracite Café is just as rich in history as they are with their food.  When you walk into their dining area the walls are covered in old photographs of the beautiful Wyoming Valley from the early 1900’s. The Anthracite Café started off as the Anthracite Hotel and has been family owned for four generations. Now, the Anthracite Café is owned by a local restaurateur who is from the area and keeps their homemade, friendly atmosphere alive!  Like them on Facebook!

Anthracite Cafe, 1907
So if you're in the area, check out this little gem and enjoy!

Jolie Kasar