Monday, June 22, 2015

The End of Crosspital and Other Happenings at the June Episode of 40 Story Radio Tower

Hello hello!

"Known for their energetic live shows, the band leave every ounce of adrenaline on the stage floor when they finish a set. Definitely not background music at an uppity wine and dine spot. Think cranked guitar amplifiers sending shockwaves through the air of a massive stadium while the audience bobs up and down on the beer soaked ground." -the 40 Story website, obviously.

This month's post is going to be, admittedly, a short one. I, once again, invite you all out this Thursday, June 25, to the Mauch Chunk Opera House for the June Episode of 40 Story Radio Tower: The Monthly Recorded Live for Podcast Radio Show. The show starts at (roughly, not promptly) 8PM and the doors are open at 7. This month's featured band is Natural Stranger!

We are all incredibly excited to see this amazing band live, and YOU should be too!

Despite all the excitement, its with great sadness that I share with you, my dear few readers, that this month is featuring the finale of Crosspital, a series written by the founder of 40 Story Radio Tower, J. Ferron Hiatt. This will be one of our longest sketches, and probably our most exciting. Find out what happens to Mr. Crumbel, Dee, Disorderly, Nurse, and all of the other zany (well, lets be real, batshit crazy) characters in this thrilling and final installment of Crosspital.

This month's epsiode will also feature a new episode of the hilarious and poignant "Shitmouthtown", as well as poetry, flash fiction, and more. The weather is hot, the acts are hot, you're hot. You've got to see it. And please, my loves, if you've read this article and you do come see it, COME FIND ME. I'll buy you a drink (if you're into that) or just hug you aggressively.

Check us out on Itunes and Stitcher!

Have a gorgeous and wonderful week, and I hope to see you all on Thursday!!!