Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's #takemebacktuesday: Buffy and Angel edition!

Buffy and Angel are almost vintage shows, but they are totally awesome and really led the way for mainstream supernatural tv. Buffy was originally a movie (a classic awesome one) about a cheerleader who becomes a vampire slayer.

Whedon's formula for the show: Create a show about teenagers having normal problems while battling the forces of evil. Include gorgeous guys playing ancient vampires. Add drama, up and coming actors and actresses, and an awesome soundtrack, and you have a cult classic.

Buffy is still no longer a cheerleader, but she is the new girl at Sunndale High. Giles, the librarian, is her mentor. Xander and Willow are her friends, known as the Scooby Gang. Angel is a vampire, and he is cursed to never have true love. Spike is a bad boy turned good. These are the main characters. There are so many other good people on the show, but you need to watch it to find out!

Angel is a spin-off of Buffy. Angel moves to Los Angeles and becomes the head of a Wolfram and Hart Law office, which is run by mythical Senior partners. (This is a long story that's explained in the show). Gunn, Wesley, and a variety of other characters make this a memorable and equally interesting  series. The episodes run in tandem with Buffy, and in my opinion, was cancelled too soon.

Buffy and Angel live on in a comic book form. I suggest watching the show before picking up the comic! It's excellent!