Friday, December 18, 2015

The Fourth Day of Christmas with Krystal Lake: Best of 2015

This year had lots of ups and downs. I wasted so much time focusing on the bad, that I think all of the good things need some special attention! So many amazing things happened this year. I had an amazing vacation to Myrtle Beach, my first trip to NYC, I met an actress in a Universal Monster movie, I drove from Vegas to Baltimore, and I got to meet Matthew Lillard! I don't know where to start! Here they are in no particular order, My Best of 2015 List!

1. NYC Trip #1

This year started with my very first trip to NYC! Not only did I run around the city, I also drove there. I know... what the hell was I thinking!?!! I had an amazing time despite the cold weather and traffic. I had amazing coffee, saw a John Waters art exhibit, saw where Debbie Harry lives, and fell in love with the subway.

2. NYC Trip #2

This time around, I took the bus. I did touristy things like run around Time Square and visited places I had heard about on TV. I went to St Marks and bought a million t shirts of Blondie at Trash and Vaudeville. I visited Obscura, the shop that the show Oddities revolves around and bought a post mortem photograph of a baby. The best, was seeing John Cameron Mitchell reprise the role of Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. If you had told 16 year old me that I would be seeing John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig I would have told you to go eff yourself, but it happened. 

3. Road Trip

So, this summer had a lot of crazy things happen. I turned 30, I vended at Hon Fest, I saw Florence and the Machine, and I drove from Las Vegas to Baltimore. Yup. And I did it in four days with my sister and her 3 small kids. I was able to see so many states in such a short period of time and it was amazing. My favorite to look at was definitely Colorado, but my favorite to act touristy was Kansas. I had to see The Wizard of Oz Museum. PS They have a Wizard of Oz Winery next door. I highly recommend paying them a visit as well. 

4. Ouija Con

The weekend the riots started in Baltimore, I was spending the weekend with my mother celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Ouija Board! I have never had so much fun hearing people talk about history in my life! There were vendors, a museum, guest speakers, and even cake! That's right.... cake! Guests included Robert Murch, Jeff Belanger, Mike Zohn, Chip Coffey, John Zaffis, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and Darren Evans.... just to name a few. I'm really happy I was able to attend all three days of this event. I met some very awesome people and learned so much more than I thought I would. 

5. Meeting Julie Adams

This summer, I went to a screening of Creature from the Black Lagoon. It was in 3D, as it was originally intended to be seen and it was stunning! After the screening, Julie Adams did a quick Q&A session followed by a signing. I had her sign a poster I already owned and bought a copy of her bio which she also signed. I was so excited! I am 30 years old and I can say that I have met someone who was in a Universal Monster movie!!!! 

6. Meeting Matthew Lillard

Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with Matthew Lillard. Honestly, all you have to do to win my heart is be in a John Waters film and this guy happened to be in my favorite one, Serial Mom. Throw in Scream, Hackers, and SLC Punk and I am sold! He was so sweet and humble. He even stayed signing autographs an extra few hours on his last day at the convention so that everyone who wanted to meet him would be able to. He later went to a Scream panel with the voice of Ghostface and stole my heart forever. 

This year had even more goodies in store for me. Lots of live music, new tattoos, and lots of festivals. It was a blast despite some of the stressors and rough times. I know 2016 will have more amazing experiences and memories coming my way!